If you are in the market for a pickup truck, then you are likely looking for something that can haul some pretty sizeable loads. When it is moving day for you or your friends, you need plenty of space to haul furniture. If you’re moving brush out of the yard, you don’t want to take seventeen trips back and forth when just a few trips should do it. You simply need a large pickup truck bed for all your loads. What is the largest pickup truck bed available? If you guessed that the honor belongs to a Chevrolet model based on which website you’re visiting right now, you guessed right! You’ll find the largest pickup truck bed with the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Durabed. Keep reading for more details.

Best-in-class cargo volume

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Short Box offers 63 cubic feet of cargo space, the Standard Box provides 72 cubic feet of room, and the Long Box gives you a whopping 89 cubic feet of cargo capacity. The depth of each box is 22 inches, helping to allow for such great space in each one. The Short Box measures 70 inches, the Standard Box measures 79 inches, and the Long Box measures 98 inches.

What new equipment is available in the 2019 Silverado?

The Durabed in the 2019 Silverado is made with an even stronger and higher-grade steel than before. The quality of the floor bed material has increased from 340 megapascals to 500 megapascals, which means it can withstand more pressure from the cargo load.

Inside the 2019 Silverado you will also find 12 fixed tie-downs, and they have doubled in strength from being able to handle 250 pounds to now being able to handle 500 pounds of force before they bend. You even have the option of getting nine additional tie-downs with this truck if you desire.

These best-in-class numbers go to show you that the 2019 Silverado, which goes on sale in the fall of 2018, can handle some of the toughest tasks you send its way.

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