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If you are a parent to a teenager, you’ve probably already had a few restless nights worrying about your child taking over the reins of the family car and venturing out onto the roads which, let’s face it, can be dangerous sometimes. Chevrolet has developed a technology to help alleviate some of this stress. Simply called Teen Driver Technology, this available built-in system can help provide coaching and set certain limitations. What does Chevrolet Teen Driver Technology do exactly? Read ahead for more details.

How it works

In vehicles equipped with Teen Driver Technology, parents can customize the experience for their new driver. With custom speed alert, you can have a pre-set speed limit, and if your teen driver goes over that limit, audible and visual warnings will alert them to the infraction. Along those lines, the speed limiter will actually restrict the maximum speed of the vehicle to 85 miles per hour, so the vehicle will not be able to surpass that number.

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You may remember from your own days as a teenage driver that sometimes it’s fun to blast some tunes while driving, whether it’s a solo drive or a Friday night out with friends. As fun as that can be, it also tends to be a distraction, and the last thing your new driver needs is another distraction while commanding the family Chevy. With audio limit, you can select a limit for how high the volume can be turned up, helping to ensure things won’t get too noisy. By the same token, the seat belt audio mute feature will automatically mute the audio until the driver and the front passenger are buckled up.

In addition to these features, Teen Driver Technology also includes a “report card” of sorts, providing you with information and statistics on how their drives have gone. You can use this as a teaching tool to make sure your children understand and practice safer driving habits.

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