You have probably had plenty of situations where you are cruising along down the highway at a reasonable speed with your cruise control activated when drivers ahead of you slowed their pace or sped ahead, decreasing or increasing the gap between you and them. Doesn’t that get frustrating? You’re regularly braking or accelerating, rendering the cruise control function moot. Fortunately, many new Chevrolet models offer an available feature called Adaptive Cruise Control. How does Adaptive Cruise Control work on Chevy models? Read ahead for more information.

Benefits of Adaptive Cruise Control while driving

Available Adaptive Cruise Control is a way to enhance the standard cruise control by providing even more assistance with keeping a consistent speed. It lets you automatically follow vehicles at a selected following gap time as you are paying attention to steering and the road ahead. By selecting a gap time between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you, any time that gap is increased or reduced, Adaptive Cruise Control will automatically increase or decrease the speed at which the car is moving in order to maintain the specified gap time. No more constant braking and accelerating while you’re using cruise control!

Where did the Chevy “bowtie” logo come from?

This offers a number of benefits, not the least of which is your convenience as well as your fuel efficiency. If you are always pressing that accelerator in an almost jittery fashion while trying to use cruise control, you’ll likely burn more fuel wastefully, and you can almost see those fuel dollars you’re spending grow wings and fly away having not done anything for you. But this feature helps you keep putting those fuel dollars to good use.

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